Opening group exhibition ‘Aumaumuo’

Oumuamua, Asterweg 15C, Amsterdam

With work by young emerging talents:

Brigitte Louter
Christian Borchsenius
Christian Thomson
Daniel van Straalen
Tudor Ciurescu

Music by Jimmy Hooker & Daniel van Straalen
Brigitte Louter’s work deals with humanity’s search for world understanding, and the failure and inability that are inherent to this search. Her work consists of installations, drawings, performances, tools that are not necessarily supposed to be used and scripts for plays that are not necessarily meant to be executed.

“Good artists copy, great artists steal” – Christian Roncea.
Christian Roncea was born and raised in Bucharest and studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague.
His work consists of sculptures and installations that touch subjects like the human ego and modern society.

CHRISTIAN THOMSON is an Amsterdam based artist graduated from the Royal Academy of Art.
His work – paintings, installations and sculptures – envelop the reciprocity of creation and destruction. These themes are set out in a fairy-tale / game-like atmosphere where each action has it’s own consequence. The dialectic works envision this cause and effect by connecting several layers of meaning, time and history to eachother. The paintings mirrors sculptures and installations become characters in a tale-like world where knights and dragons take stage.

Daniel van Straalen studied at the Royal Academy of Arts. His work questions authenticity in a world that’s dominated by internet. Does it even matter what’s ‘real’ and what’s ‘fake’, or who ‘was there first’. According to Van Straalen these questions are outdated. That’s why copying work of others – appropriation – is an important part of his work. “There’s no progress without appropriation” he says. Besides, he says, the representation in a by images dominated world, is no longer formed by reality, rather by imitations of that reality.
By copying work of other appropriation artists like Andy Warhol and Richard Prince – think of the cowboy that Prince copied from Marlboro – Van Straalen creates a Droste-like effect of the ultimate l’art pour l’art.

TUDOR CIURESCU (1996, Romania) is a visual artist and student at Ecole Cantonale D Art Lausanne.His practice is spread across different mediums, always experimenting with new image rendering techniques. The main subject of the works is between object and image in contemporary culture, from memes to Bitcoin, all seen through an absurd and comic way.

Curated by Gijs Stork.