Delsin Electric Café

One sunday per month Delsin Records will be hosting our sundays afternoons. They want to play all the electronic music they adore “outside a too narrow club or dancefloor format”.

Amsterdam based Delsin Records is one of the worlds leading labels specialised in techno, electronica and ambient.  From their start in 1996 they are releasing music by artists as Conforce, VRIL, VC-118A, Claro Intelecto, Newworldaquarium and others.

This first episode will also celebrate the release of the debut album ‘Susurro’ by label owner Peel Seamus. You can check the album here: https://www.delsinrecords.com/release/5741/peel-seamus/susurro

Aroy Dee
Nikolai van Zeeland
Peel Seamus